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PRINT specifications


For most jobs, PDF is the preferred file format. Document to be supplied at 100% of finished size with a minimum of 3mm bleed for sizes A2 and under. Crop marks and colour bars are not required. Recommended minimum resolution for small outputs (under A3 size) is 150 dpi at final output size.


PhotoShop Files:

We recommend that all raster images used are supplied as PhotoShop PSD or TIFF files.

Make sure all PhotoShop files have been saved with an embedded ICC colour profile.



The recommended pixel resolution (PPI) for small outputs (under A3 size) is 200 ppi at final output size.

The recommend resolution for medium to large outputs (over A3 size) for Flatbed UV printer is a minimum of 100ppi at final output size. Logos in Bitmap format should be at least 300ppi at final output size, or preferably supplied as vector-based files.

Illustrator FILES:

All Illustrator formats are accepted. All text must be converted to paths/outlines. Supply all linked, placed, and embedded images as separate files, i.e. as a PhotoShop or TIFF File. For best results, create all blends / gradients you require in PhotoShop at the correct size and import directly into you layout document.


Die Cut

Files to be die cut should be supplied as native Illustrator (ai) or eps formats only. All strokes & text need to be outlined. The document should only have ‘Fills’. Overlapping paths of the same fill colour need to be combined in the ‘Pathfinder’. View document in outline mode to make sure no unnecessary cuts will be made.

If you are unsure or have any questions about supplying your files please give us a call, we're happy to help.

Templates available here

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